mouse wheel : Zoom in/out

mouse wheel : Move Map

You can also use W,A,S,D,I,O on your keyboard or the controls on the right.

You can still change Fill Color, click on divisions to paint them, etc.

Step 1: Coloring/Editing the Map

Single Selection

Select the color you want and click on a Census Division on the map. Right-click on it to remove its color or hide it.

Province/Territory Selection

Select a Province/Territory and click COLOR STATE to color all its divisions with the selected Fill Color.

Make a Map of a Single Province/Territory

Select the Province/Territory that you want to isolate and click ISOLATE. To return to the whole map view again, choose RESTORE STATES.

Search for a Census Division and Color it

Search for the division you want and click COLOR DIVISION to fill it with the current Fill Color. To remove the color of the selected division, choose REMOVE COLOR .

More Options

Step 2: Choosing the Legend

Add the title you want for the chart's legend and choose a label for each color. Change the color for all divisions in a group by clicking on it.

Color Label Remove
Step 3: Getting the Map

When ready, select Preview Map. To download the generated Chart: Right Click -> Save Image or select Download Map. In case you want to change something, select Edit. To start over, select Clear All.

Download Map Undo